„Academy of the Austrian Hospice Jerusalem“ is the name given to events and activities of a scientific, music-pedagogical and intercultural nature, which the city of Jerusalem, in its diversity and complexity, has inspired us to take on.

Jerusalem is a thrice holy city: to Jews, Christians and Muslims alike. In a city as intimate as this, people have the chance to get to know each other. It is a habitat that has spawned different cultures and religions, where interactions and encounters occur, questions are asked and barriers can be broken down.

More than ever before, Europe faces similar questions of coexistence and integration, where peaceful as well as conflictual encounters take place. Jerusalem is a place of learning.

Our Academy places partciular emphasis on music education. Renowned musicians are invited to teach in our house in cooperation with local music schools and a Viennese artists‘ agency. Pupils with proven talent who often come from difficult social backgrounds are given the opportunity to develop their musical skills and/or their voices. A graduation concert for friends and family allows them to demonstrate their progress – and serves as an inspiration for Hospice and parents to get more involved.

Our scholarly activity includes researching and publishing the history of our house. Symposia with international and Austrian experts are held to address issues pertaining to the Middle East conflict, its background and for exploring potential avenues for reconciliation. As Austrians, and especially as a church institution, we have a special responsibility to discuss topics such as the Holocaust and anti-Semitism.


We are a church institution. Running a guesthouse – especially in this unique place in the world – is not an end in itself for us. We have been fulfilling a mission in this country since 1856: guiding pilgrims spiritually, exploring the country scientifically, being on hand for the local population.

First and foremost, your stay with us creates jobs. We provide our members of  staff with an income that enables them to lead dignified lives.

The Austrian Hospice Social Fund is partly funded by our income. We ask for donations from you. Help us to be there for young families, in their search for housing and vocational training, in cases of illness and to cover school fees.

The Catholic parish in Gaza is close to our hearts. It has 180 members in the midst of an environment that makes everyday life difficult. Vice-Rector Georg Gatt (from South Tyrol) founded this parish in 1879. Together with you we ensure its survival today.

I kindly ask you to help us with this. Thank you!

Austrian Hospice Socal Fund
AT43 1919 0003 0015 0125

Peace Service – Volunteers – „Civil Service Overseas“

The Austrian Pilgrim Hospice offers Austrians the opportunity to carry out their compulsory military service as an in-house volunteer.

The following should be noted if taking on such an assignment:

The Ministry of Social Affairs has entrusted the management of this type of volunteer service abroad to so-called sponsoring associations, which may be responsible for a number of workplaces. One such place is the Austrian Hospice, where the rector serves as head of operations , ie the immediate supervisor on site. Our sponsoring association is Caritas Vorarlberg and the contact person there is currently Martin Frick MA.

On account of the duration of the assignment (12 months) and the legal implications of the contract between the candidate and the sponsoring association/ministry, the rector reserves the right to hold a selection interview with the candidates when visiting Austria.

Before commencing employment, a preparatory seminar in Austria is mandatory. During service on-site, educational and self-development programmes are offered. After returning to Austria, a follow-up seminar is undertaken.

For its part, the sponsoring association only becomes active when we signal that we have accepted the candidate in question.

Living in and working with a community comprising people of different backgrounds, motivations and lifestyles places special demands on each individual (tolerance, openness, helpfulness, etc.).

If you are interested, please send the following documents to

  • Curriculum vitae (English and German) with current photo
  • Some words about your motivation
  • A scan of your passport
  • A written reference.

Please inform us about special courses undertaken, language skills and, if necessary, about any illnesses or chronic conditions.

As soon as we have all the necessary information (we may ask for more information than mentioned above) and you have been evaluated positively, we will ask you to come to an interview in Austria with the rector, whose decision will ultimately be decisive.

Circle of Friends – Austrian Society of the Holy Land

Become a member of our Circle of Friends, the Austrian Society of the Holy Land, and contribute to our „House in the Orient“.

With an annual membership fee of 20 Euros, you can support our renovation and maintenance work, but also specific projects that we undertake.

In addition, you will receive regular information about current developments on site and are cordially invited to put forward your own suggestions at our General Assembly in Vienna.

Ambassador Georg Habsburg Lorraine

Many thanks for your friendship!


For concerns and membership questions, contact us at:

Membership fees and donations should be transferred to the account of the Austrian Society of the Holy Land:

Bankhaus Schelhammer und Schattera


Austrian Society of the Holy Land

Habsburgergasse 12/3/55

1010 Vienna

General Refurbishment

At the moment we are in the process of preparing a general refurbishment of our main building.