Adoration of the Magi

The sculpture in our vitrine in the reception area of the Austrian Pilgrim Hospice displays the motif of the “Adoration of the Magi”. The basis of this representation is the biblical narrative of the visit of the “Magi from the East” or the “Wise Men of the East” in the Gospel of Matthew, chapter 2.

Two considerations led me to choose this sculpture acquired during a pilgrimage to the Spanish pilgrimage site of Montserrat.

Our “patrocinium” (i.e. the saints to whom our chapel is dedicated) is the “Holy Family”. Leopold Kupelwieser’s painting from 1859 can be seen in the apse of our chapel. In our sculpture you find Mary, Joseph and the baby Jesus on the left; to their right are the Magi, who in the course of tradition became three kings, as they are still known today and whose feast we celebrate each year on January 6th.

These three figures in turn – the kings / magi – represent the three continents known at the time of the Holy Family: Europe, Asia and Africa. For this reason, the figures display different skin colourings: white, yellow and black. This is in no way a question of discrimination or prejudice. Quite the opposite! The whole world should feel itself embraced here and no-one need feel left out.

This is perfectly fitting for our pilgrim hostel: our guests come from all over the world. Everyone is welcome here – regardless of origin or identification. For all of us alike are seeking strength and comfort in the holy places of this land.

That is why the sculpture caught my eye in August 2023 on Montserrat.

The sculpture has been with us since then, welcoming each and every pilgrim!

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Rektor Markus St. Bugnyár

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Welcome to the Austrian Pilgrim Hospice to the Holy Family in Jerusalem

The Austrian Pilgrim Hospice in Jerusalem is the oldest Christian guesthouse in the Holy City. We create jobs, concern ourselves with social issues and place particular emphasis on intercultural dialogue.

About us

The Austrian Hospice was founded in 1854 as an ecclesiastical foundation by the then Archbishop of Vienna, to whom the institution still belongs today. Emperor Franz Joseph is also considered one of our founding fathers. In 1869 Franz Joseph was in fact a guest at our venerable house.

Currently the Viennese Archbishop Dr. Christoph Cardinal Schönborn oversees the hospice, while Georg Habsburg-Lorraine is the chairman of our circle of friends, the Austrian Society of the Holy Land. As you can see, we cultivate tradition. You can rely on us. Even in the 21st century.

The history of our house reflects the history of the region as well as the conflicts in the Middle East. If you are interested in further details, please refer to our wikipedia entry and to the bibliography in the Academy field.

Hon.Prof. MMag. Markus Stephan Bugnyar

Enquiries and Booking

The Austrian Pilgrim Guesthouse offers rooms with bath/shower. 124 beds in the heart of the Old City of Jerusalem. Please plan well in advance! If you intend to travel with a group, 16 months advance notice is recommended. Get in touch with us! We are always on hand to help you plan your pilgrimage to the Holy Land. Go directly to booking enquiries here!

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