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Conditions of use of photos

§1 This service is at the disposal of representatives of the press and other interested parties.

§2 The client has only a simple usufruct for one-time use.

§3 The one-time and simple usufruct has to be applied for in writing (rector@austrianhospice.com or FAX: +972 2 626 58 16) by the client stating the picture number and will be confirmed in writing.

§4 After transfer of the one-time and simple usufruct the client is entitled to use the picture material once free of charge and must acknowledge the source. The client is additionally obliged to send a specimen copy to Rector Markus St. Bugnyar, Austrian Hospice ,Via Dolorosa 37, POB 19600, 91194 Jerusalem.

§5 Beyond the stated conditions of use in §1-§4 no usufruct will be transferred.

§6 The commercial use of these pictures is forbidden (except for journalistic reasons and in accordance with §1-§5) .

§7 Any publication of pictures must carry the following acknowledgement: Photos: www.hudelist.com