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Reservations Enquiry

Interested in checking the availability of rooms and in contacting us? We will do our best to satisfy your requests. Please send us the following information and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Reservations Enquiry:
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Check-in until 10pm latest Later arrivals possible with prior agreement
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The authorities require the following information for the registration card:
Format: DD-MM-YYYY (e.g 13-11-2018)
State the place you resided immediately prior to your arrival at the Austrian Hospice
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State the place you are going to immediately after departing the Austrian Hospice
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Luggage transport
The transport of luggage from the Garden of Gethsemane or Lion's Gate to the Hospice can be arranged on condition we receive written instruction at least a week prior to arrival date. The minimum fee is 25 Euro per trip; for more than 25 people the cost is 1Euro per person per trip.
Yes, I would like luggage transport for my group
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When you send in the booking enquiry, you are agreeing to the current rates. If you have not seen the rates, you can access them
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Cash only (USD, Euro or NIS) on-site or for groups by transfer to one of our bank accounts in Austria or Germany. Cheques or credit cards cannot be accepted.
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